What Is Trichology?

Understanding Trichology & How It Can Help With Hair Loss

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Clinical trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp. There are many reasons why you might want to turn to a specialist for help with hair loss and thinning, but your first step is to book in for a consultation with our expert Steven Goldsworthy.  Call Steven on 01793 523817 to book your appointment. 

Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

hair loss solutions, steven goldsworthy trichology, swindon, marlborough, cirencesterHair loss can be a distressing time, and there are many misunderstandings about the reasons that hair loss can occur and what type of treatment is appropriate.

There are many other types of hair loss which can and will respond to treatment and advice without seeking further medical assistance. There are also some types of hair loss which have a natural or spontaneous recovery.

Excessive hair loss can often be a symptom of another problem or variation in the metabolism of the body, for this reason, co-operation between the patient’s doctor and the trichologist is often necessary to fully analyse the problem.

Scalp Problems

hair loss solutions, steven goldsworthy trichology, swindon, marlborough, cirencesterProblems of the scalp, ranging from dandruff to more inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis, occupy a lot of a trichologist’s time.  As with the hair, these problems can be symptomatic of some other metabolic variation. Stress, poor diet, or even allergies to certain foods, can be responsible for the build up and shedding of the dead skin cells.

The management of hair and scalp that are excessively greasy is another area in which a qualified trichologist can help.  We can provide guidance on the correct type and brand of shampoo and frequency of use, for example. 

Hair Texture Problems

THINNING HAIR, TRICHOLOGY EXPERT STEVEN GOLDSWORTHY, SWINDON, MARLBOROUGH, CIRENCESTERHair texture problems can be caused by over exposure to heat or strong chemicals, or by many of the other stresses and strains to which we subject our hair. In such cases, co-operation with your hairdresser is obviously important. 

As well as being a highly trained trichologist, Steven Goldsworthy has 35+ years of experience in the hair industry as the top stylist at Goldsworthy’s Hairdressing Group.

Hair texture problems usually respond very well to appropriate advice and treatment, as the cause(s), once discovered, can often be reduced or eliminated altogether.

Male Pattern Baldness

baldness & hair loss experts in swindon, cirencester and marlboroughOne of the most common types of hair loss is the ‘male pattern baldness’, which, despite its name, does affect many women as well as men, and for which, in men, there seems to be no specific, readily-available treatment.

This is a problem that requires a sympathetic handling, and a qualified trichologist will be able to understand the patient’s anxiety and help him come to terms with the loss of hair.  

Some women suffering from this condition can be helped with medical assistance and the use of hormonal treatment.

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Pharmaceutical Creams & Shampoos

In cases of scalp disorders in particular, it is possible that your trichologist will prescribe treatment creams and shampoos for use either in the clinic or at home made by other licensed trichologists who specialise in manufacturing such preparations. These products should always be used in strict accordance with instructions.

Hair Transplants, Wigs, Extensions & Weaves

Where appropriate, your trichologist can give advice to those patients wishing to be referred to members of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons, for hair grafting (hair transplant).

For those seeking to gain added hair (sometimes referred to as ‘hair replacement’) in the form of wigs, extensions or weaving, guidance and appropriate referrals can be offered.

Advice and support can be given to those people who habitually pull their hair. Likewise, information, advice and support is also given to those people who have lost hair through chemotherapy treatment. 

Information adapted from https://www.trichologists.org.uk

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