Steven Goldsworthy Trichology




Prior to consultation you will need:

  • To keep an accurate food diary for a minimum of one week. (Don't change your habits eat as you normally do.)
  • A list of medication you are or have previously taken within the last 3 months.
  • A list of any hair products or services you are currently using or have previously used within the last 3 months.
  • Any blood test results you may have recently had. 

The consultation will take approximately one hour and a full differential diagnosis will take place to determine the causative factor of your hair thinning or loss.

The cost of the consultation is £125 (50% required at the time of booking).

It may be necessary for your Trichologist to liase with your GP depending on your diagnosis.

all consultations take place in a private room.

For consultations in Marlborough and Cirencester, these will need to be arranged via Swindon and private out of hours can be arranged.


"Most hair and scalp issues can be resolved. We no longer need to suffer in silence, but this does not make it any less distressing.

Dealing with it early can make all the difference."

Steven Goldsworthy AIT.

Steven Goldsworthy consulting a patient using the Dermatoscope.

Steven Goldsworthy consulting a patient using the Dermatoscope.

Microscopic anaylsis

Using a state of the art Microscope allows us to look at the scalp for a microscopic inspection at up to 900x magnification and 5 megapixel resolution. High quality imaging enables us to show you a live feed via the computer screen so that whilst we are diagnosing your symptoms and concerns, you are able to physically see the areas in question and the diagnosis. With advanced software we can also capture still images of your scalp and hair to further analysise, and refer back to after the suggested and approproate treatment has started to see the improvements.